Social Distance

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How to play

Suitable for 4 players or more • Randomised on page reload

A game in which teams of two or more compete to be the least socially distant and most like-minded


  • Your job is to give your team a single clue that represents the point on the scale
  • Only the clue-maker should know the point on the scale
  • So on a spectrum of 0 Necessity – 10 Luxury with the pointer at 0, your clue might be 'Water'
  • As your team tries to guess, opposing team members can make comments to throw them off
  • Once your team has a decision on their guess, the opposing team members can call "higher" or "lower" to try to win an extra point
  • Should your team guess correctly, they win 4 points. If the opposing team's call was correct, they get 1 point


A game of empathy and strategy, Social Distance was created as an alternative to all the quizzes people are doing during self-isolation and lockdown.

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